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Boy, Have I Got Problems (James)-D4y Teacher's Guide

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  • Boy, Have I Got Problems (James)-D4y Teacher's Guide

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Boy, Have I Got Problems (James)-D4y Teacher's Guide

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SPECS:8.5 x 11"; 154 pages; [Product number: 22158pod]; ISBN: 978-1-888655-41-4

In Boy, Have I Got Problems! Kids will have fun solving their friends' problems as a newspaper columnist with advice from the book of James.Did we mention the added bonus they get for taking on this assignment? They'll get to discover for themselves what the Bible, especially the book of James, says about getting help with their own problems: How do you as a kid deal with pressures in schools, neighborhoods, sometimes even in your own home? What advice does God give?

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The Discover 4 Yourself® Teacher Guides have been developed by collegiate teacher educator, Elizabeth A. McAllister, Ed. D., and Janna Arndt for use by teachers in both classrooms and home school. The Teacher Guides provide invaluable tools to help you maximize the time you invest teaching a Discover 4 Yourself® Bible study. The Teacher’s Guide will show you how to clearly, carefully, and sensitively lead your students through inductive Bible study, giving them a greater understanding of God and His ways coupled with practical ways to live out what they are learning. Teaching strategies are designed to enhance memory, creativity, and reasoning skills and to ignite young imaginations with the fun and rewards found only in studying God’s Word.

For ages 8-12 (Children's reading skills and maturity levels vary, so your child might be ready for these books at a younger age, or you might find them useful for 13-year olds.)


• Teacher’s Edition with answers to all exercises in student workbooks.
• Creative ways to handle different learning abilities.
• Memory enhancement: reading out loud, drawing pictures, creating and marking key words, and making charts, lists, and timelines.
• Guided daily instructions including topic introductions and suggestions for: key word markings (symbols and colors), leading discussions, and playing games.
• Weekly Quizzes and Final Exam.
• Answer Keys for all student workbook questions, crossword puzzles, mazes, weekly quizzes, and final exam.

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