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  • Listen with Samuel as he hears the still small voice of God calling him into ministry.  
  • Gain perspective on the tragic story of Eli and his sons and the rejection of Samuel and his sons. 
  • Explore what it meant for the people of Israel for Saul to be anointed as king of Israel   
  • Saul’s departure from the ways of God and the consequences to his lineage.  
  • Why and how God looked for a “man after His own heart” to be the king.  
  • How David came to power and the conflict between Saul and David. 
  • God’s faithfulness to his people even in the midst of their wavering obedience. 
  • Life lessons on leadership, obedience, disobedience and character development 

Before there were kings in the land of Israel, there were judges assigned and appointed by God – the true King of Israel. In this inductive Bible study on the first book of Samuel, we explore the Israelites transition from judges to kings through the experiences and perspective of the prophet Samuel. Explore the story of Samuel’s birth and the precious way God calls him into ministry. Witness Israel’s request for a King and their rejection of God as King.  Dive into the stories of kings Saul and David. Trace the journey of the ark of the covenant from capture to restoration.

From judges to kings, from the departure of God's glory to the assurance of His help, from inquiring of the Lord to inquiring of a medium - this book of contrasts sets before us the importance of a life of obedience and how it's lived out in the midst of interpersonal conflicts.

Title also known as: God's Search for a Man After His Own Heart - Workbook

  • Scripture Covered: 1 Samuel
  • Number of Lessons: 8
  • Format: 8.5x11 3 hole punched gummed spine for use in 3 ring binder
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  • Format: 8.5x11 3 hole punched gummed spine for use in 3 ring binder
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  • Why should I consider studying the Bible?

    Bible study is a focused, investigative approach to develop a deep understanding of the Bible and grow in a relationship with God. We believe Bible study can help you understand the Bible for yourself, and we encourage you to also bring your learnings to your group (whatever that group may look like).

  • Why would I want to study a Precept Upon Precept or In & Out Study?

    These studies guide you through each book of the Bible using the Precept Method. For over 50 years, we’ve heard from people around the world that this has method has helped them understand Scripture for themselves. Whether, you’ve read the Bible many times and feel you get the general principles or have struggled to keep focused on what the Bible is really saying, these books of the Bible studies will help you pour over Scripture and truly understand what God is saying in His Word.

  • What is the Precept Method? How is it different than the Inductive Method?

    The Precept Method is based on the Inductive Method. If you’ve researched the “best ways to study” the Bible, you’ve likely heard that the inductive method is considered the best and most thorough way to study the Bible. The Precept Method uses tools like observing text, asking questions, and considering application just like the Inductive Method, but the Precept Method also goes a level deeper to bring in tools like prayer, specific ways to look for themes, ways to make lists to understand common central ideas or patterns, and we also use the context of Scripture to help you interpret Scripture. Want to learn more about the Precept Method? Click here

  • How much time should I expect to spend on these studies?

    For Precept Upon Precept, we typically see people spend 5 hours per week studying on their own, plus the time that they spend in a group setting.

    For In & Out, we typically see people spend 2 hours per week studying on their own, plus the time they spend in a group setting.

  • Do I have to go at the pace outlined in the book?

    The book is there to give you suggested times—if only studying two days per week feels like a better pace, that’s up to you! We encourage you to be honest with yourself and your group on how much you can do and to find a schedule that suits your needs.

  • What if I don’t have that much time available?

    We understand your schedule may be limited. We recommend the following studies based on your life experience.

    Want a Book of the Bible study with fewer weeks and only two hours of homework per week? Try out our New Inductive Study series

    Want to do a personal study based on the Christian-themed principles you’re looking to build in your life? Try our Yarrow studies

    Looking for a topical study with less than an hour of studying per week? Try one of our 40-Minute Studies

  • Should I do this study in a group?

    These group studies are best led by a trained Precept Leader and offer the fullest Bible study experience. Groups studying Precept Upon Precept can include students using the corresponding In & Out study.

  • Where can I find a Precept Group?

    We have online and in-person groups available here.

    We typically see groups kick off in in the Spring and Fall, but there are many studies going on throughout the year.

  • What if I want to lead a group?

    We offer training here.

  • What if I’m already a Precept Leader and I’d like other tools to help my lead the study well?

    We offer Leader Guides and Audio/Video for leaders. These are listed at the bottom of each Precept Upon Precept and In and Out study listing.


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