Our new e-store includes an improved shopping cart and checkout process that makes it easier for customers to submit orders. 

Use the top navigation menu to access the shopping cart.  The icon will display the quantity of items added to your cart.  Click the Cart icon to open the cart page.  


The Cart landing page will display the products which have been added to your cart along with product prices, quantities and subtotals.


The order total will be displayed at the bottom of the page above the Checkout button.  *The cart will not display shipping charges until a shipping method has been selected.



Use the drop down selection at the bottom of the cart page to let us know what motivated you to submit your order. 


Customers may add a donation to their order using the donation links at the bottom of the cart page.  Click on the desired donation amount or enter a donation amount in the Other field. 


The selected donation amount will automatically be added to the cart. The order total will automatically update to include the donation amount.


To remove an item from your cart, click on the x to the right of the product/item price. The product will automatically be removed and the order total will be updated. 

Use the Estimated Shipping tool to Estimate the shipping rate for your delivery address.  Select the country, state and zip code where your product will be shipped.



Click the Estimate button and available shipping rates will be calculated and displayed below the Estimated Shipping block. 



The estimated shipping total will also appear above the Checkout button.



Not ready to checkout yet?  Use the navigation menus to shop for other products or search for other products using the search feature in the top navigation.

When you are ready to checkout click the Checkout button.