Our new e-store design has several navigation menus that make it easier for users to quickly find the product or resource they are looking for.

Using the Top navigation links 

The top navigation area include links to the Precept Ministries International social media profiles, a link to Precept.org, Donation link, Search and the Shopping cart.

Follow Precept Ministries on Social Media 

Click the social links to be connected to the Precept Ministries Social Media profiles

Visit the Precept.org website 

Click the Precept.org link to visit our main website where you can find information about Precept Ministries International, Find Kay Arthur’s speaking Schedule, Find Event Information and more.

Making an online donation 

Do you want to support Precept Ministries International? Click the Donation link to submit your one-time on monthly gift. You will automatically be directed to our donation landing page where you can submit one-time or regular gifts.


Using the Profile Link 

Use the profile icon to login to your e-store account. You can use the account link to view your old orders, find links to download products and manage addresses associated with your account.



Need to quickly find a product or resource?

Click the search icon to submit a search.  Results will automatically be displayed in the search results drop down based on the keywords you in your search.  To obtain the most accurate results use the title of the product.



View your cart 

Click on the cart icon to view your shopping cart. The cart will display products that you have added to your cart prior to checkout. 



Using the Sidebar navigation 

Our new website includes a collapsible side bar menu making it easier to navigate our e-store using a tablet or other mobile devices. 

To access the sidebar-menu click on the ‘hamburger’ menu in the top navigation area to the left of the Precept Ministries logo.


The sidebar menu will expand into view.



The menu uses top level and sub level navigation. Click on the top-level links to be connected to the appropriate page.


Top level navigation pages with sub menus will have an arrow to the right of the menu title.  For example, the Shop menu has several sub menu links.  

Click on the Shop link to access the following sub menus:


  • Shop BY BOOK OF THE BIBLE – Use the menu to search for products by Book of the Bible. Scroll to select the Book of the Bible you want and click on the link.  Your browser will reload to show Product Series’ that have products related to the Book of the Bible you selected. Click the appropriate product series to view products related the Book of the Bible you selected.

  • Shop BY SERIES – Use the menu to search for products by product series. The page displays image links to individual product series landing pages.  Click the cover image for the product series you are searching within. Your browser will be directed to the Series landing page.  Scroll to view the products listed in the series.

Some product series pages include several subcategories that allow users to search for products within a series by translation or product type.  Click on the subcategory image covers to narrow your product search within the series.

  • Shop BY TOPIC – We have added the Shop BY TOPIC menu to help users locate products related by topic. Scroll down to view the topic list and click on the appropriate link to locate products related the topic you want. 

  • Shop BY AUDIENCE – Use the Shop BY AUDIENCE menu to locate related products by Audience. We have created product collections by the following Audience categories:
    • FOR HER
    • FOR HIM

Click the appropriate audience category to find products that are suitable for the selected audience. 

  • Shop NEW AND FEATURED ITEMS Use the NEW AND FEATURED ITEMS menu to locate our newest products.

  • Shop BIBLE STUDY TOOLS – Use the BIBLE STUDY TOOLS menu to find Bibles, Pens, Pencils, Book Markers, Maps, Audio, Video and more.

*The sub-menu links expand to reveal additional product categories.  For longer lists such as BY BOOK OF THE BIBLE scroll down to see additional categories in the list.  When you locate the product category or product title you are looking for click on the link and your browser will redirect to the landing page. 


*Use the back arrows to go back to a higher level on the navigation menu.