Where is my order?

For status updates on your order click on "Account" in the gray toolbar. Under "My Account" on the left-hand side click "Order History & Returns". From here you will see your orders listed and can view the status of your order and click to track your package. If you are still having problems locating your order, please contact Customer Service at 800.763.8280 or click to Contact Us now.

Do you have events?

Check below to learn more about Precept and local events, classes and training opportunities.

How to choose a Bible Study
We have several wonderful studies in order to equip you to study the Bible on your own. For information about the different series we have available visit our By Series page on our eStore. You can also check out the Get Started page. One of the books mentioned on this page is the study "Lord, Teach Me To Study The Bible in 28 Days." This is a great book to help you jump into Bible study without overwhelming you.

How do I find a class to join?

Visit precept.org/need-help for all your class needs.

How can I get involved or help?