Congratulations on completing your Discover 4 Yourself book and learning that Bible study is serious fun! We hope the Bible study skills and the truths about God you learned will keep you on a lifelong journey of discovering God's eternal truths in the Bible inductively and following Him faithfully.

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btn_Jesus In The Spotlight
Jesus In The Spotlight
btn_Joseph God's Superhero
Joseph God's Superhero
btn_Digging Up The Past
Digging Up The Past
btn_Gods Amazing Creation
Gods Amazing Creation
btn_Bible Prophecy For Kids
Bible Prophecy For Kids
btn_Wrong Way, Jonah!
Wrong Way, Jonah!
btn_Boy Have I Got Problems!
Boy Have I Got Problems!
btn_God Whats Your Name
God Whats Your Name
btn_God Has Big Plans for you, Esther
God Has Big Plans for you, Esther
btn_Jesus Awesome Power, Awesome Love
Jesus Awesome Power, Awesome Love
btn_How to Study Your Bible for Kids
How to Study Your Bible for Kids
btn_Sneak Peek Into The Future
Sneak Peek Into The Future
btn_Cracking the Covenant Code
Cracking the Covenant Code
btn_Extreme Adventures With God
Extreme Adventures With God
btn_Lord Teach Me To Pray For Kids
Lord Teach Me To Pray For Kids
btn_Jesus To Eterity And Beyond
Jesus To Eterity And Beyond
btn_Abraham, God's Brave Explorer
Abraham, God's Brave Explorer
btn_Becoming God's Champion
Becoming God's Champion
btn_Fast Forward To The Future
Fast Forward To The Future
btn_You're A Brave Man, Daniel
You're A Brave Man, Daniel



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