This course is made up of a series of 11 individual sections with self-assessments to assist you in achieving the course learning objectives/outcomes.

Each section you will watch and listen to the course video and examine summaries in the Course Reading section and Bible texts in the Scripture Window of the web page. An important part of this course is applying what you have learned to real examples. Several times throughout the course you will be asked to practice a skill being taught and you will need to use web page tools to type notes, lists and outlines or to mark Scriptures with colored symbols.

There are no recorded scores or pass/fail requirements in this course.

At the end of the course there will be an opportunity for you to navigate to a page where you may print all of the course readings, notes and marked Scriptures in a single PDF document.


This course will use excerpts from:

  • The Bible (New American Standard Version)
  • Downloadable texts and materials include:

    • Course Syllabus
    • • List Making Charts


    Section 1 – Welcome

    Section 2 – Introduction
       • Taking some personal notes
       • Read a passage aloud to yourself

    Section 3 – Keywords
       • Marking keywords using the supplied text and marking tools

    Section 4 – Making lists
       • Checking your work against our example
       • Making a list about what you marked

    Section 5 – Making Lists, Part II

    Section 6 – Making Lists, Part III

    Section 7 – More Practice
       • Mark a repeated phrase

    Section 8 – Asking Questions of the Text
       • 5 W’s and an H

    Section 9 – Applying Truths to Your Life

    Section 10 – Summary

    Section 11 – Conclusion